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NASA Mars Chatbot


Ever wonder what the rovers on Mars are doing?

Amazon Echo Platform

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Bloomberg Chatbot


Market data and news

Amazon Echo Platform

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Daily Inspiration Chatbot

Daily Inspiration

Providing you with the best selection of inspiring quotes

Amazon Echo Platform

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The Associated Press Chatbot

The Associated Press

Hear the latest headlines across a variety of news categories

Amazon Echo Platform

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Art of War Quotes Chatbot

Art of War Quotes

Get inspiration and guidance from master Sun Tzu on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Platform

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Kuna Chatbot


Voice to control the lights on your Kuna Powered security devices

Amazon Echo Platform

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Presidential Facts Chatbot

Presidential Facts

Generating a random presidential fact on Amazon

Amazon Echo Platform

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This Day in History Chatbot

This Day in History

Check in with Alexa to find out about the historical events

Amazon Echo Platform

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theSkimm Chatbot


Making it easier to be smarter

Amazon Echo Platform Skype Platform

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Fitbit Chatbot


Sharing inspiration, motivation and new ways to help you find your fit

Amazon Echo Platform

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Peaceful Habit Chatbot

Peaceful Habit

Meditation bot that helps you meditate every day for 5, 10 or 20 minutes

Messenger Platform Amazon Echo Platform

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Curiosity Chatbot


Get informed with 5 new amazing topics, delivered daily.

Amazon Echo Platform

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