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Mylestone Chatbot


Your memories made easily accessible on virtual assistants

Amazon Echo Platform

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Plum Chatbot


Control a single light, groups of lights or all your lights using your voice

Amazon Echo Platform

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Find out about original series, movies, sports, documentaries, and more

Amazon Echo Platform

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24: Legacy Daily Mission Chatbot

24: Legacy Daily Mission

Do you have what it takes to be a Counter Terrorist Unit agent?

Amazon Echo Platform

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Magic 8-Ball Chatbot

Magic 8-Ball

Ask the Magic 8-Ball all your unanswered questions

Amazon Echo Platform

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HiFit Chatbot


Intensity bodyweight workouts designed by fitness experts for all your needs

Amazon Echo Platform

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NCAA March Madness Chatbot

NCAA March Madness

Real-time tournament scores, schedule information and live radio feeds of the games

Amazon Echo Platform

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Johnnie Walker Chatbot

Johnnie Walker

Explore nearly two centuries of whisky knowledge

Amazon Echo Platform

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The Voice Chatbot

The Voice

Learn more about the artists, your favorite coaches and more.

Amazon Echo Platform

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WTF Just Happened Today Chatbot

WTF Just Happened Today

The news you need to know, from the only aggregator that matters.

Amazon Echo Platform

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Daily Affirmation Chatbot

Daily Affirmation

Positive thought for you to take throughout the day

Amazon Echo Platform

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The Wayne Investigation Chatbot

The Wayne Investigation

Who killed Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Amazon Echo Platform

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