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GaryVee 365 Chatbot

GaryVee 365

A series of daily motivational quotes, phrases, and sayings from Gary Vaynerchuk

Amazon Echo Platform

598.6K 4 3

Presidential Facts Chatbot

Presidential Facts

Generating a random presidential fact on Amazon

Amazon Echo Platform

1.9K 0 2

This Day in History Chatbot

This Day in History

Check in with Alexa to find out about the historical events

Amazon Echo Platform

1.9K 0 2

theSkimm Chatbot


Making it easier to be smarter

Amazon Echo Platform Skype Platform

2.4K 0 2

Black History Facts Chatbot

Black History Facts

Bringing black history facts through relatable voices on Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform

1.8K 0 2

Myth Buster Chatbot

Myth Buster

A fun little skill which gives the user a myth or a fact

Amazon Echo Platform

3.6K 0 0

Amazon Storytime Chatbot

Amazon Storytime

A growing collection of professionally narrated short stories

Amazon Echo Platform

3.6K 0 0

Earplay Chatbot


Interactive stories you play with your voice

Amazon Echo Platform iOS Platform

2.3K 0 1

Women's Day Chatbot

Women's Day

Learn about ground-breaking women in history

Amazon Echo Platform

1.8K 0 1

Magoosh Chatbot


Expand your vocabulary with Magoosh

Amazon Echo Platform

2.0K 0 1

TED Talks Chatbot

TED Talks

Explore TED's vast library of inspiring talks and ideas

Amazon Echo Platform

2.8K 0 0

On This Day Chatbot

On This Day

Telling you interesting things that happened on today’s date in the past.

Amazon Echo Platform

2.9K 0 0