AI bot that finds your code buddy in Slack

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The bot is written in TypeScript and Microsoft Bot framework. The backend is built using Ruby on Rails and PostgresDB. All of the above is currently hosted on Heroku and Azure. During the development process, GIT Flow was used, together with few different bot setups for development, testing, and production releases.


The monthly cost of hosting on Heroku is $32.37.


The bot has been installed in 50 workspaces with over 40.000+ members, from which 800+ people have interacted with the bot.


We are willing to sell ownership of the product (technology, brand and existing userbase) or just the technology by itself. As part of the deal, we can also offer to consult you on the implementation of the bot and further development, should you desire so.


1 Reviews of Atori

Max Gozal Dec 8, 2017

Cool bot! Works great!