The Chatbot Agency Accelerator (Enrollment closes September 14th)

An agency is the first best business to start (in my opinion).

It’s easy to grow as much or as little as you want. 🚀

💡 If you’re starting a digital marketing agency and want to constantly have an ABUNDANCE of people wanting to hire you… 💰

💡 If you’re ready to have an UNFAIR advantage over 90% of the other agencies in the world…

💡 If you’re looking for the most lucrative channel to market on for your clients…

We have what you need to get there. In 5 weeks or less. 😮

⬇️ Here’s what’s inside of the Chatbot Agency Accelerator:

✅ *Only 20 spots are open* (10 are already taken!)
✅ 5-Week Program, where we take you through how to build a highly profitable bot agency 💰 and bots that convert at unbelievable rates! 📈
✅ 5 Live Calls with Kyle Willis and Natasha Takahashi (multiple 6-figure bot agency owners), and Program Graduates
✅ 20+ Sales Scripts, Blueprints, Templates, Case Studies and more (that you can use to REPLICATE our multiple 6-figure agency) 💸
✅ Access to Private Facebook Group AND Group Chat with other members 💡
✅ 2 Coaching Calls (Sales Strategy Session and Chatbot Strategy Session)
✅ Access to our Certification Badge and Partner Agency Network (where we send YOU bot leads, or connect you with the TOP developers in the 🌍 that you can outsource to!)
✅ Accountability Partner Pairing (you’ll get paired with a kickass entrepreneur and you’ll keep each other accountable during the program!)
✅ The first 15 people who join will get a VERY SPECIAL bonus 🎁 🎊
✅ We start on September 15th. The time to start your agency is NOW ⚡️

This is for you if you want to build a business that gives you the life YOU want. That means… time freedom and location freedom. 🌍 ⏰

And if you’re willing to WORK for it. To get laser-focused and get shit done.

🔥 BUT, this is NOT for free. It is an investment into yourself, into your business, and the goal that you want to reach (whether it’s $5,000 or $50,000 a month).

Are you ready to build a highly profitable bot agency?

👋 Head to this link to see all the details and hear from our students ➡

Natasha Takahashi Natasha Takahashi in courses • Sep 3, 2018

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  • Natasha Takahashi


    If you have any questions at all about the Accelerator, just drop a comment here! ⬇

    • 2 years ago