FREE 5-Day Build Your Bot Agency Bootcamp (Available until September 14th)

💰 **The 5-Day Build Your Bot Agency Bootcamp**

This bootcamp is for ACTION-TAKERS who are ready to throw fuel on their bot agency rocket ships, and get up and running QUICK.

If you’re ready to launch your bot agency OR want to optimize what you’ve got going’ on now, keep reading 👀

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Bootcamp experience will look like…

✅ Daily training sessions where you can access the #replay (regardless of your timezone!) ⏰ 🚀
✅ 24-Page workbook to guide you along and help you take massive action ✏️
✅ Mapping out your chatbot agency system (the most important part) 💡
✅ Mapping out your “sub-systems” and "processes" to start getting clients and managing campaigns with amazing efficiency ASAP 🔥 💰
✅ And did I mention that this is all F-R-E-E??

So jump on this now! Access to the bootcamp will close on September 14th.

🔥 Sign up here (you'll be taken to Facebook Messenger) ➡

Natasha Takahashi Natasha Takahashi in courses • Sep 3, 2018

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  • Natasha Takahashi


    If you have any questions about the bootcamp, just drop 'em here! ⬇️

    • 2 years ago