Oddly Addicting

Bots you never would have thought were addicting

SELF/MADE - The Game Chatbot

SELF/MADE - The Game

Build your empire in this free never ending Messenger game.

Messenger Platform

6.9K 0 2

Snap Swap Chatbot

Snap Swap

Swap photos with random people from around the world

Messenger Platform  Pro

8.3K 2 3

Trump Survival: White House Chatbot

Trump Survival: White House

Survive as President of the USA for as long as you can! Can you outlast the real Trump?

Messenger Platform

6.5K 1 0

Dunkirk Unofficial - We Shall Never Surrender Chatbot

Dunkirk Unofficial - We Shall Never Surrender

A fan's teaser bot for Nolan's new movie, Dunkirk

Messenger Platform

3.1K 0 4

Drug Wars Chatbot

Drug Wars

Your favorite DOS / TI-83 game now playable in Messenger

Messenger Platform

2.9K 0 1

Wordsworth Chatbot


Helping you expand, or should I say bolster, your vocabulary.

Messenger Platform

7.9K 3 3

Bluto Bulldog Bot Chatbot

Bluto Bulldog Bot

Virtual Bulldog in your pocket

Messenger Platform

3.0K 2 3

CryptoHawk Chatbot


All Your cryptocurrency education and news in one bot

Messenger Platform

3.1K 2 4

PooBot Chatbot


Chat with Poo and forget about your life problems.

Messenger Platform

4.9K 1 1

Lemonade Stand Chatbot

Lemonade Stand

A fun business sim game

Messenger Platform

5.5K 1 5

SuperCop Chatbot


Solve murder cases in Messenger

Messenger Platform

3.4K 1 3

Never Have I Ever... Chatbot

Never Have I Ever...

Have fun, get drunk and hang out with friends and strangers

Messenger Platform

6.2K 0 2