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Some bots to help you with Crypto

Oddly Addicting Collection

MajorCoins Chatbot


An AI powered Crypto Assistant.

Messenger Platform Productivity +6

14.4K 1 0

ICO Watchdog Chatbot

ICO Watchdog

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack Teams

Slack Platform Messenger Platform Finance

5.3K 2 3

Guardium Bot Chatbot

Guardium Bot

Easily get started with the Guardium Token Sale

Telegram Platform Finance +1

949 0 1

CryptoBot Chatbot


Track all the latest tokens, ICOs and cryptocurrency news

Messenger Platform Finance

11.0K 0 2

Coinbot Chatbot


Your friend in Crypto! Coinbot tells you the price of any crypto currency.

Slack Platform Telegram Platform Messenger Platform Utilities +2

8.4K 3 7

Cexy Chatbot


Your Cexy cryptocurrency exchange assistant

Slack Platform Finance

4.8K 0 1

Octo Financial Chatbot

Octo Financial

Hi, I'm Octo Financial and I can help you with managing your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Telegram Platform Finance

4.2K 0 1

Crypto Chatbot


Crypto is a cryptocurrency information chatbot.

Messenger Platform Finance

5.6K 0 1

Faucet Bot Chatbot

Faucet Bot

Automatic collection satoshi in faucetbox

Web Platform Finance

3.0K 0 2

Coin Dips Chatbot

Coin Dips

Cryptocurrency price dip alerts

Telegram Platform Finance

2.4K 0 1

Crypster Chatbot


Cryptocurrency rates at your finger tips

Messenger Platform News +1

3.5K 0 2

Crypfolio Chatbot


Track your ETH and BTC portfolio

Telegram Platform Finance

1.1K 0 2

Zupcoin Chatbot


Real time cryptocurrency prices and alerts

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform Finance

15.7K 5 7

CryptoHawk Chatbot


All Your cryptocurrency education and news in one bot

Messenger Platform Finance

1.7K 1 4

coinbot Chatbot


bot to exchanges rates using cryptocompare API

Messenger Platform Finance

1.6K 0 2