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Quick questions that may drive you crazy.


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I can send knotty riddles and clues to solve them

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Hi Cats

Because the Internet is all about cats

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Literally Anything Else Bot

The bot that keeps politics off the dinner table

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Hi Karl

Hi Karl knows what you should do tonight

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Star Wars bot by Recast.AI

Become the hero of an interactive space adventure

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Ride the Dragon Rocket with Elon Musk

Can you build and launch the Dragon Spaceship faster than Elon Musk?

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Gif bot

Hilarious gif bot that will pump up you mood

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Scaring you with the best curated Creepypastas on the web!


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Chat with your official friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man

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Psychic Bot

Are you ready to know your future?

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So you think you're a genius? Prove it!

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Explore what treasures this mysterious cave has in store for you today!

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Magic 8 Bot

Find your answers to your questions

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Meme Generator

Make memes faster than ever

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