Dice Chatbot


A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, video game stats, moderation tools, and lots of other features.

Discord Platform

12.7K 2 0

GoatBot Chatbot


A multipurpose bot for anything you want.

Discord Platform

7.7K 1 3

Unicorn Bay Chatbot

Unicorn Bay

Professional finance tools for amateur investors.

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

5.1K 3 1

DIY bot Chatbot

DIY bot

Get your inspiration back

Messenger Platform

6.6K 7 3

Leonard bot Chatbot

Leonard bot

Integrate Telegram with Product Hunt, Uber, Foursquare and more

Telegram Platform

2.6K 2 5

NayNaBot Chatbot


Moderation, utility, and social chat management on Discord

Discord Platform

3.9K 3 2

Galaxy™ Chatbot


Helping you anywhere in the Galaxy

Discord Platform

5.3K 3 1

ChannelBro Chatbot


Automate Channels and Groups on Telegram

Telegram Platform

5.0K 2 3

ModBot Chatbot


Modbot is updated atleast once every week with more commands added and more customization. Mainly this bot is for Mod's [24/7 uptime]

Discord Platform

8.0K 3 2

F.U.R.R.Y Chatbot


Introducing F.U.R.R.Y (Functional Unit Responsible for Repair and Yelling). The Prefix is -

Discord Platform

4.7K 1 5

OutOfBacon Chatbot


Create your Grocery Shopping List

Messenger Platform

11.6K 0 0

Google Translator Chatbot

Google Translator

Translate messages on Discord for free.

Discord Platform

9.3K 0 3