Dash Delta Chatbot

Dash Delta

General purpose DnD bot for Discord

Discord Platform

17.6K 2 2

Instant Translator Chatbot

Instant Translator

Supporting more than 10 languages for translation

Messenger Platform Viber Platform

12.9K 3 4

Loli Bot Chatbot

Loli Bot

Loli bot is a Discord.js bot that has action commands and contains Anime.

Discord Platform

22.9K 0 0

MajorCoins Chatbot


An AI powered Crypto Assistant.

Messenger Platform

19.9K 1 0

RainbowBot Chatbot


Rainbows, one spectrum at a time.

Discord Platform

20.3K 0 1

YAGPDB Chatbot


Yet another general purpose discord bot

Discord Platform

19.2K 2 2

Voicy Chatbot


Telegram bot that converts voice messages to text

Telegram Platform

12.4K 2 4

Top-Invites Chatbot


Lists the top inviters in the discord

Discord Platform

12.9K 3 4

Email Telegram Bot Chatbot

Email Telegram Bot

Assigning you a new email address per chat

Telegram Platform

16.9K 0 1

Rin Chatbot


A no frills, high quality and low lag music bot.

Discord Platform

13.3K 2 1

SafetyAtLast™ Chatbot


The best and most unique security bot out there!

Discord Platform

5.6K 5 2

Now Live Chatbot

Now Live

Discord bot that announces live streams

Discord Platform

10.7K 1 4