AiRelo Chatbot


Your smart city registration assistant

Messenger Platform

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Estimate trip Chatbot

Estimate trip

Let friends know your arrival time!

Telegram Platform

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Dino Chatbot


Sells Travel Insurance in the UK

Messenger Platform

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Voyazer Chatbot


Take charge of your travel destiny

Messenger Platform

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Kontula Bot Chatbot

Kontula Bot

Find things to do and places to go around Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland

Messenger Platform

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SkyChat Chatbot


Airport Chatbot which provides flight information, customer service, and more

Messenger Platform

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ARTOUR Chatbot


Chatbot for discovering the best art galleries around the world

Messenger Platform

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ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore Chatbot

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Official virtual tour guide for the ArtScience Museum

Messenger Platform

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Gooster Chatbot


Travel stories that stick.

Messenger Platform

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Map Bot Chatbot

Map Bot

Receive maps and satellite imagery from every place on earth.

Telegram Platform

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Maya Chatbot


Plan a tour in 5 minutes with Maya

Messenger Platform

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Kyotogram Chatbot


Your AI travel assistant for Japan, a messenger bot

Messenger Platform

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