Public Transport Bot Chatbot

Public Transport Bot

Providing you with public transportation connections.

Telegram Platform

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TripPpio Chatbot


Bot that gives travelling advices by taking information from Foursquare

Messenger Platform

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HolidayBot Chatbot


Help you find lovely holiday cottages in the UK

Messenger Platform

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Hipmunk Chatbot


Access your personal travel Hipmunk instantly on Slack

Slack Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

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Ticketbot for Airasia Chatbot

Ticketbot for Airasia

Find fare price for any Airasia route.

Messenger Platform

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MeetPoint Chatbot


Explore places in the city and share them with friends

Telegram Platform

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Instalocate Chatbot


Your AI powered personal travel assistant

Messenger Platform

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Air Meekan Chatbot

Air Meekan

The Flight Finder bot

Messenger Platform

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Marina Alterra Chatbot

Marina Alterra

Virtual AI travel agent

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform Slack Platform

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Zoho Expense Chatbot

Zoho Expense

Expense reports the easy way.

Slack Platform

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HYPER Chatbot


Hyper is your private travel agent

iOS Platform SMS Platform

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Tripnary Chatbot


Find great places to fly at any budget

Slack Platform iOS Platform

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