Allinu Chatbot


All apps in ONE chat! First ever personal Advisor

Messenger Platform

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CanaryBOT Chatbot


Tourist guide of the Canary Islands

Messenger Platform

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PlaineCommuneBot Chatbot


Find places to visit, eat or sleep around Paris

Messenger Platform

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KLM Chatbot


Messenger Platform

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Nearby Places Bot Chatbot

Nearby Places Bot

Searching nearby places around you

Messenger Platform

3.6K 1 2

Joli Chatbot


Helping you plan out your vacations

Messenger Platform

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Buckles - Your Interrail Assistant Chatbot

Buckles - Your Interrail Assistant

A chatbot to help with planning Interrail trips

Messenger Platform

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WhataHotel! Chatbot


Get Star Treatment at 5 Star Hotels

Messenger Platform

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Harrogate Bot Chatbot

Harrogate Bot

Providing location information as well as local facts directly to FB messenger users.

Messenger Platform

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Eve - The Event Girl Chatbot

Eve - The Event Girl

Discover Blockchain Events

Telegram Platform Web Platform

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Smoogle Translate Chatbot

Smoogle Translate

A free auto translation bot for your Discord server.

Discord Platform

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Hipmunk Chatbot


Access your personal travel Hipmunk instantly on Slack

Slack Platform Messenger Platform Skype Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

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