Google Translator Chatbot

Google Translator

Translate messages on Discord for free.

Discord Platform

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Estimate trip Chatbot

Estimate trip

Let friends know your arrival time!

Telegram Platform

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Travelandro Chatbot


I will notify you when some cheap flights will be available from your country

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

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Postcard Bot Chatbot

Postcard Bot

Send a postcard using SMS or Messenger

Messenger Platform SMS Platform

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Map Bot Chatbot

Map Bot

Receive maps and satellite imagery from every place on earth.

Telegram Platform

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Da Nang FantastiCity Chatbot

Da Nang FantastiCity

You can ask me anything about Da Nang city

Messenger Platform

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Karlsson Chatbot


Making it easier to find information

Messenger Platform

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Ludwig city guide Chatbot

Ludwig city guide

City guide of Barcelona

Messenger Platform

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Toby Chatbot


Tigerair Australia's travel assistant

Messenger Platform

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Bus Uncle Chatbot

Bus Uncle

Ask me anything about your next bus in Singapore

Messenger Platform

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Ghurbo Chatbot


Choose your destination of travel and give you optimized results

Messenger Platform

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Sihuhu Chatbot


Timetable Train Hungary

Messenger Platform

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