Skeddy Chatbot


Create and manage your reminders and notes

Telegram Platform

15.5K 28 25

Digital Assistant Chatbot

Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is your smart assistant for the workplace

Amazon Echo Platform Android Platform Cisco Spark Platform Google Assistant Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Web Platform Telegram Platform  Pro

31.6K 1 7

Obie Chatbot


Access knowledge quicker without leaving Slack

Slack Platform

25.1K 0 6

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot Chatbot

Nat - The Personal Relationship Manager Chatbot

Helps you to build and maintain your relationships

Messenger Platform

72.1K 1 6

Nikabot Chatbot


Hands-free team tracking for Slack

Slack Platform

3.2K 0 4 Chatbot

AI powered assistant that dials into calls and takes notes

Email Platform

2.9K 0 4

Swingmail Chatbot


Helping users manage all their mail, todos and calendars on Slack

Slack Platform Telegram Platform

4.4K 0 4

Howdy Chatbot


Automate repetitive tasks so you can do the real work

Slack Platform

5.1K 0 3

Skylar Chatbot


Stay on top of your tasks at your workplace

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

4.0K 0 3

DooBot Chatbot


Reminds you to get stuff done!

Messenger Platform

3.4K 2 3

Tonkean Chatbot


Uncover your business reality with Tonkean's AI

Slack Platform

2.4K 0 3

Everist Chatbot


I help you increase focus in your work by prioritizing your day

Messenger Platform

4.0K 0 3