MyProtein Chatbot


Bot updated with working coupons from MyProtein store.

Telegram Platform

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Vouchee Chatbot


I deliver vouchers, deals and offers for your favourite brands in a flash!

Messenger Platform

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Kontula Bot Chatbot

Kontula Bot

Find things to do and places to go around Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland

Messenger Platform

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Photography Equipment Advice Chatbot

Photography Equipment Advice

Provides lens recommendations based on the type of photos you want to capture.

Messenger Platform

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An AI based fashion shopping assistant

Android Platform Web Platform

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Retale GO Chatbot

Retale GO

Never miss a deal near you

Amazon Echo Platform

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Fufilo Chatbot


The automated cross-border shopping chatbot

LINE Platform Messenger Platform

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FollowPrice Chatbot


Monitor every product you share with it from Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress

Messenger Platform

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Art Chatbot Chatbot

Art Chatbot

Discover, learn about, and buy artwork

Messenger Platform

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Widilo Chatbot


The coupons you need, in few seconds.

Messenger Platform

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FashionBot Chatbot


Helping you conquer the fashion hunt

Messenger Platform

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Warby Bot Chatbot

Warby Bot

Buy Warby Parker glasses and sunglasses easily

Messenger Platform

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