Rekognition Bot Chatbot

Rekognition Bot

Detects content in images using AWS Recognition.

Telegram Platform

1.2K 0 0

ChannelBro Chatbot


Automate Channels and Groups on Telegram

Telegram Platform

3.6K 2 3

ShobyBot Chatbot


Track prices of any items in any online shops for you.

Telegram Platform

1.5K 1 2

Archie.AI Chatbot


Talk to Google Analytics using Google Assistant, Alexa.

Email Platform Web Platform Amazon Echo Platform Google Assistant Platform

1.9K 0 0

IdeaKeep Chatbot


Idea management Slack bot

Slack Platform

1.2K 0 1

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant Chatbot

Kono, the New AI Scheduling Assistant

The AI powered scheduler at work

Email Platform Slack Platform

1.5K 1 1

Pixide Polls Chatbot

Pixide Polls

Create and vote polls in a way you never seen before!

Messenger Platform

6.8K 0 0

NomadBot Chatbot


Automated Travel Hacking

Messenger Platform  Pro

44.2K 2 5

Night Light Chatbot

Night Light

The ultimate light for your night

Amazon Echo Platform

1.2K 0 0

Nimrod Chatbot


Send yourself Facebook messages with a POST request

Messenger Platform

4.3K 0 0

Zuzu AI Chatbot

Zuzu AI

An artificially intelligent assistant for your workplace

Web Platform

1.4K 1 1 Chatbot

Keep track of tasks and projects with, the simplest most powerful app for getting things done!

Slack Platform

1.2K 0 0