Enable Digital Bot Chatbot

Enable Digital Bot

Forget Business Cards

Messenger Platform

61.4K 0 1

Digital Assistant Chatbot

Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant is your smart assistant for the workplace

Amazon Echo Platform Android Platform Cisco Spark Platform Google Assistant Platform iOS Platform Messenger Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Skype Platform Slack Platform Web Platform Telegram Platform  Pro

27.7K 1 5

Obie Chatbot


Access knowledge quicker without leaving Slack

Slack Platform

16.4K 0 6

Zoom.ai Chatbot


Automated virtual assistants for everyone in the workplace.

Slack Platform Email Platform Messenger Platform Kik Platform SMS Platform Telegram Platform Skype Platform Web Platform Cisco Spark Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

10.0K 2 2

Polly Chatbot


Smart polls and automated feedback

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

7.2K 0 2

LeaveBoard Chatbot


Simple staff leave management for smart teams

Slack Platform

6.1K 0 1

Twinsy Bot Chatbot

Twinsy Bot

We do your tedious work so you can chill like a boss

Messenger Platform

6.0K 0 0

LeeveBot Chatbot


Manage your teams annual leave entitlement and leave requests with Slack.

Slack Platform

5.4K 0 0

Plop Chatbot


Casual corporate game to get to know your coworkers

Slack Platform

5.1K 0 1

Subot Chatbot


Subot is a Schedule Message Bot.

Slack Platform

4.2K 0 0

Engazify Chatbot


Foster a culture of peer recognition and celebration.

Slack Platform

4.1K 1 4

Bitebot Chatbot


Coordinate everyday lunches directly in Slack

Slack Platform

3.9K 0 0