SingularityBot Chatbot


Searching the news for you with a touch of A.I.

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HeyNews Chatbot


Search top trending news from Facebook Messenger.

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Future States Chatbot

Future States

Chatbot guide to the U.S. election

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Complex Chatbot


Receive digests of trending stories once a day.

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Wall Street Journal Chatbot

Wall Street Journal

Breaking news, investigative reporting, business coverage and features from The Wall Street Journal.

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Refugee Text Chatbot

Refugee Text

Up-to-date and trusted information for refugees applying for asylum in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

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NewsBytes App Chatbot

NewsBytes App

Keeps you up-to-date in flat 7 minutes everyday!

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PipeBot Chatbot


Pipe is a chatbot that keeps you up to date with fresh content and smart alerts

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Hi Startups Chatbot

Hi Startups

A simple bot related to innovative startups

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Digg Chatbot


Discover and share the best of the web

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Tech in Asia Chatbot

Tech in Asia

Get the latest and best technology news from Asia

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CNN Chatbot


Instant breaking news alerts and the most talked about stories

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