Zing! Chatbot


Your News Chatbot

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Business Insider Chatbot

Business Insider

Get news and articles from Business Insider

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Feed Reader Bot Chatbot

Feed Reader Bot

Monitor websites, blogs, and more (using RSS feeds)

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Algo Chatbot


Your real-time news! The only place to follow your interests.

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The Guardian Chatbot

The Guardian

Get your morning briefing when you want it

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TopBusinessJournal Chatbot


Interact and subscribe to the latest TBJ posts on Messenger

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Vice Bot (Unofficial) Chatbot

Vice Bot (Unofficial)

Stay tuned with news thanks to Vice Bot for Messenger

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GetCont Chatbot


Receive aggregated news content right in Messenger

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Bloomberg Chatbot


Market data and news

Amazon Echo Platform

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The Associated Press Chatbot

The Associated Press

Hear the latest headlines across a variety of news categories

Amazon Echo Platform

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Curiosity Chatbot


Get informed with 5 new amazing topics, delivered daily.

Amazon Echo Platform

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MTV News Chatbot

MTV News

Receive the latest breaking music, celebrity, entertainment, & movie news

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