Lumi News Chatbot

Lumi News

The first news bot covering all online publishers

Messenger Platform

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Engadget Chatbot


Top stories delivered in Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Mr Reader Chatbot

Mr Reader

Receive digests from your favorite Medium publications right in Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Spectrum News Bot Chatbot

Spectrum News Bot

Powering Truth In Journalism

Messenger Platform

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NewsBot Chatbot


Fetching news and searching the web for Telegram

Telegram Platform

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Feedler Chatbot


Your RSS feed chatbot on Telegram

Telegram Platform

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Deneri Chatbot


The Bot will provide you anytime with all information regarding all themes.

Discord Platform

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HeyNews Chatbot


Search top trending news from Facebook Messenger.

Messenger Platform

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Nuzzel Chatbot


News for Busy Professionals

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

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Wired News for Messenger Chatbot

Wired News for Messenger

Interact, search and follow the latest Wired News

Messenger Platform

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Stashimi Chatbot


Follow Your Favorite Artists

Messenger Platform

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20Bot Chatbot


Brings to you top stories, breaking news, etc. on demand

Messenger Platform

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