EmojiNews Chatbot


Your Emoji Filter for News

Messenger Platform

2.4K 3 1

LoL Bot Chatbot

LoL Bot

AI-based assistant for League of Legends eSports scene

Messenger Platform

3.9K 3 3

Chat Newswire Chatbot

Chat Newswire

Stay informed without every leaving your message stream

Messenger Platform

2.4K 2 3

Oppov Chatbot


Helps you understand other people's point of view on today's political issues

Messenger Platform

3.4K 1 4

Hu by Hutoma.AI Chatbot

Hu by Hutoma.AI

Bringing the lastest Hutoma news, FAQS and can book meetings with the Hutoma team.

Messenger Platform

8.9K 0 0

StartupShots Chatbot


Start-up related content sent to your Messenger, everyday

Messenger Platform

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Allinu Chatbot


All apps in ONE chat! First ever personal Advisor

Messenger Platform

8.0K 0 1

Howie Chatbot


by SATURN Deutschland - products (tv & drone), store finder, tech news and customer service

Messenger Platform

8.5K 0 1

Hudson Chatbot


Get news, weather, and a video for the commute.

Messenger Platform

7.7K 0 0

Product Huntian Chatbot

Product Huntian

Unofficial Facebook Messenger bot for Product Hunt

Messenger Platform

2.6K 2 1

Harvard Business Review Chatbot

Harvard Business Review

Get content from Harvard Business Review delivered to Slack

Slack Platform

3.5K 0 5

Haberci Chatbot


A chatbot informs you about local news headlines in Turkey

Messenger Platform

2.3K 2 2