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News from Croatia and Worldwide

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Vidr TV News Chatbot

Vidr TV News

We bring you latest local news, TV news and live news

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Esports Growth Bot Chatbot

Esports Growth Bot

Daily news and resources for the Esports industry

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Recappy Chatbot


Dig into news stories and learn about the core political, scientific, or social concepts

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NASCAR Flash Briefing Chatbot

NASCAR Flash Briefing

Tune-in each Monday for Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series news

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Feed Man Bot Chatbot

Feed Man Bot

RSS and ATOM feed reader

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Hu by Hutoma.AI Chatbot

Hu by Hutoma.AI

Bringing the lastest Hutoma news, FAQS and can book meetings with the Hutoma team.

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StartupShots Chatbot


Start-up related content sent to your Messenger, everyday

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Curious Writers Chatbot

Curious Writers

Latest Tech updates directly into your inbox

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Facterbot Chatbot


Fights misinformation by debunking false stories

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NORAD Tracks Santa Chatbot

NORAD Tracks Santa

On December 24th NORAD conducts a special mission tracking Santa across the globe

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PropertyBot Chatbot


Latest property news and resources

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