Leo Chatbot


Get helpful advice to become a better manager.

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Plus Plus++ Chatbot

Plus Plus++

Show your friends some love

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Fetch Chatbot


Real-time insights about every new sign up. No coding required!

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Captain Feedback Chatbot

Captain Feedback

Continuous improvement for teams seeking to raise the bar!

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Intro Chatbot


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EstherBot Chatbot


Transform your resume into a bot

Messenger Platform

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Hey Taco! Chatbot

Hey Taco!

Bring your team together with our unique kindness currency, taco’s!

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Uppercase Chatbot


A performance management and goal app for teams

Slack Platform

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Calamari Chatbot


More efficient time off tracking, leave and attendance management

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Tap My Back Chatbot

Tap My Back

Build stronger teams with public recognition

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iCliniq Chatbot


Get medical second opinion on from real doctors

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JustReply Chatbot


Simple time tracking for teams

Slack Platform

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