HireBae Chatbot


Helping you discover your career, review your resume and find you a job.

Messenger Platform

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HRoBOT Chatbot


Make your hiring process easy

Slack Platform

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Expiration Reminder Chatbot

Expiration Reminder

See what's expired or pending renewal and get reminders of what's about to expire.

Slack Platform

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Bitebot Chatbot


Coordinate everyday lunches directly in Slack

Slack Platform

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Mosaic.ai Chatbot


Get your dream job and prepare for an interview with MosaicAI Bot

Google Assistant Platform

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Crypto Jobs List Chatbot

Crypto Jobs List

I post new crypto jobs from cryptojobslist.com? Add me to your group!

Telegram Platform

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Breezy HR Chatbot

Breezy HR

A modern hiring tool

Slack Platform

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absence.io Chatbot


Keep track of your teams vacation and leave

Slack Platform

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Captain Feedback Chatbot

Captain Feedback

Continuous improvement for teams seeking to raise the bar!

Slack Platform

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Fetch Chatbot


Real-time insights about every new sign up. No coding required!

Slack Platform

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Nowdue Chatbot


Super fast invoicing bot for small teams

Slack Platform

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Pilot Chatbot


Pilot helps you find first-class engineering and design talent

Slack Platform

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