Amber Chatbot


AI bot that helps engage employees and predict attrition ⚡️

Web Platform

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EstherBot Chatbot


Transform your resume into a bot

Messenger Platform

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JOY Chatbot


The First Stop for All Your Healthcare Needs

Android Platform iOS Platform

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Captain Feedback Chatbot

Captain Feedback

Continuous improvement for teams seeking to raise the bar!

Slack Platform

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Jobeye Chatbot


Keep an eye on your dream job

Messenger Platform

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Imagine Careers  Chatbot

Imagine Careers

Discover companies that hire for your skills, right in Facebook.

Messenger Platform

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Zeal Chatbot


Kickstart your company culture today

Slack Platform

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Kelsame Chatbot


Automated Candidate Screening

Messenger Platform

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BrighterMonday bot Chatbot

BrighterMonday bot

Chat with your new career assistant on Messenger today

Messenger Platform

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Privacy Policy Bot Chatbot

Privacy Policy Bot

Privacy policy for Facebook Messenger chatbot

Messenger Platform

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Ednabot Chatbot


User manual for anyone on your team.

Slack Platform

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ProBot Ninja Chatbot

ProBot Ninja

Synchronous Stand up Meetings & Task Tracker Slack Bot

Slack Platform

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