Botijob Chatbot


Your best buddy to find a job!

Messenger Platform

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Growbot Chatbot


Celebrate great work where it happens!

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform

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JobBot Chatbot


The Job Hunter Bot

Messenger Platform Telegram Platform

4.7K 1 5

Engazify Chatbot


Foster a culture of peer recognition and celebration.

Slack Platform

5.2K 1 4

GoHire Chatbot


Customized Recruiting Chatbot to Acquire and Engage Candidates

Messenger Platform SMS Platform Web Platform

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Leena AI Chatbot

Leena AI

Smart AI powered HR companion dedicated towards engaging employees

Slack Platform Web Platform

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Karmabot Chatbot


Set goals, track performance and reward excellence

Slack Platform Microsoft Teams Platform Telegram Platform

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CakeHR Chatbot


Download CakeHR’s new SlackBot to Increase Your Employee Time-off Efficiency

Slack Platform

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GoBe - The Job Bot Chatbot

GoBe - The Job Bot

Send me a message and I'll find you a job

Messenger Platform

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Kriya AI Chatbot

Kriya AI

Your Instant Team

Web Platform

2.6K 1 3

ResumeBot Chatbot


Create your resume over a chatbot

Web Platform

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LeaveBoard Chatbot


Simple staff leave management for smart teams

Slack Platform

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