ShoppBot Chatbot


Helping you shop for everything you need for your office

Slack Platform

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Hyphen Chatbot


Polls to understand your teams effortlessly, before they complain on Glassdoor

Slack Platform

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Mimo Chatbot


Poll the mood of your team with emojis!

Slack Platform

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Drafted Chatbot


Drafted supercharges employee referrals to fill your hiring pipeline

Slack Platform

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Sourcing Bot Chatbot

Sourcing Bot

Helps to find the software development team or experienced individual for your task

Messenger Platform Slack Platform

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Henry Chatbot


Intelligently helping you keep track of well-being, work progress and wins in your team.

Slack Platform

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Happster Feedback Chatbot

Happster Feedback

Share ideas, empower your team

Slack Platform

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Plato Chatbot


You are a great engineer. Become a great leader

Slack Platform

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Steer Chatbot


Team Management On Autopilot

Slack Platform

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Kudos Chatbot


Send & receive meaningful recognition from your peers in Slack

Slack Platform

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Advobot Chatbot


Get your documents. Instantly.

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zanie by Chatbot

zanie by

Because trust is what makes great teams great

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