RunningMate Chatbot


Find running partners in your area.

Telegram Platform

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Mendel Health Chatbot

Mendel Health

AI that finds the latest treatment for your cancer

Web Platform

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ihealthkonnect Chatbot


IHK your personal healthcare assistant

Messenger Platform

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Busterbot Chatbot


Stay active throughout the work day

Slack Platform

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PullupBot Chatbot


Add to a group chat and start a pullup challenge with your group members

Telegram Platform

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Dollar Lean Club Chatbot

Dollar Lean Club

Monthly subscription for real body transformation

Web Platform

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HiFit Chatbot


Intensity bodyweight workouts designed by fitness experts for all your needs

Amazon Echo Platform

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Miss Mint Chatbot

Miss Mint

A friendly robot that reminds you to take your birth control pill.

Messenger Platform

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Peaceful Chatbot


Guided Meditation Chatbot

Messenger Platform

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5-Minute Plank Workout Chatbot

5-Minute Plank Workout

The plank is one of the best exercises for core conditioning

Amazon Echo Platform

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OnlinePharmacyBot Chatbot


Your reliable supplier of generic medications

Telegram Platform

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Efficacy Tips Chatbot

Efficacy Tips

Get tips & techniques on yoga, meditation, physical activity & healthy food

Messenger Platform

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