Paitbhar Chatbot


Find and book the perfect restaurant in Lahore!

Messenger Platform

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Grubhub Chatbot


Re-order meals for delivery or takeout in seconds

Amazon Echo Platform

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Plum Chatbot


A simple messenger bot for finding great recipes.

Messenger Platform

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Milly Chatbot


Food & Drink Recommendations in Queens, NYC

Messenger Platform

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IntraFish Chatbot


Get updates on the latest IntraFish seafood news and posts

Messenger Platform

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Pescetarian Kitchen Chatbot

Pescetarian Kitchen

On-demand pescetarian recipes

Messenger Platform

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On Coffee Makers Chatbot

On Coffee Makers

Get restaurant, cafe and coffee recommendations

Messenger Platform

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Amazon Restaurants Chatbot

Amazon Restaurants

Ask Alexa to deliver anything from your Amazon Restaurants order history

Amazon Echo Platform

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Restaurant Explorer Chatbot

Restaurant Explorer

Find a restaurant near you with Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform

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1800ORDER Bot Chatbot

1800ORDER Bot

Find you food or business

Messenger Platform

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Starbucks Barista Chatbot

Starbucks Barista

Coffee on-command through mobile or Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform iOS Platform

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Pizza Hut Chatbot

Pizza Hut

Get a pizza delivered to your door without even lifting a finger

Amazon Echo Platform

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