Recipes Only Chatbot

Recipes Only

Mouth watering recipes for food nerds

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Rendezvous Chatbot


Do recommendations right

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Ela FoodBot Chatbot

Ela FoodBot

Daily calorie counter and diet

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Butler AI Chatbot

Butler AI

Your Food Your Way

Amazon Echo Platform

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Heston Bot Chatbot

Heston Bot

Get cooking tips, flavour pairings and anecdotes from the chef

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EDDY Chatbot


The fun way to get quick and easy recipes from the best cooks

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1800MENUJET Chatbot


Order online takeaway, eat in and get delivered

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ChefSteps Chatbot


Sous vide all the things!

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Johnnie Walker Chatbot

Johnnie Walker

Explore nearly two centuries of whisky knowledge

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The Wine Pairer Chatbot

The Wine Pairer

Find the right wine for your meal, instantly

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Jimoto-ya Ramen Chatbot

Jimoto-ya Ramen

Skip the queue and order your Ramen via a chatbot

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Paitbhar Chatbot


Find and book the perfect restaurant in Lahore!

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