Pizza Hut Poland Chatbot

Pizza Hut Poland

Order from Pizza Hut in Poland

Messenger Platform

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KotiBotti Chatbot


Order pizza from Kotipizza, the largest chain in the Nordics

Messenger Platform

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RandomCoffees Chatbot


Match teammates for coffee in a organization

Slack Platform

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Epicurious Chatbot


Take a pop food quiz

Messenger Platform

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Food Slacking Chatbot

Food Slacking

Paris' food delivery services daily offers right into Slack!

Slack Platform

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What To Eat Chatbot

What To Eat

Let Gobble pick a restaurant for you

Kik Platform

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Crema Coffee Chatbot

Crema Coffee

Slack-integrated coffee subscription for teams

Slack Platform

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Food Makers Chatbot

Food Makers

find a good and nearby restaurant.

Messenger Platform

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Lunchcat Chatbot


Lunchcat is a chatbot that helps you and your friends split lunch costs.

Messenger Platform

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RB Gaming Bot Chatbot

RB Gaming Bot


Discord Platform

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Veji Chatbot


World's first vegan chatbot

Web Platform

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Save The Food Chatbot

Save The Food

Ask about any food and Alexa can help you store it to last longer

Amazon Echo Platform

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