WaitronBot Chatbot


Online ordering chatbot for your restaurant

Messenger Platform

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Fast Food Calorie Counter Chatbot

Fast Food Calorie Counter

A bot to ask all of your nutritional questions when getting a quick bite to eat

Messenger Platform

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Supreme Pizza Chatbot

Supreme Pizza

Order pizza & pasta dishes with delivery

Messenger Platform

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Mr.Chef Chatbot


Your smart cooking helper

Messenger Platform  Pro

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Boston Market Chatbot

Boston Market

Find a Boston Market and place an order with the Boston Market bot

Twitter Platform

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Makli Restaurant Chatbot

Makli Restaurant

Order Chinese dishes with delivery

Messenger Platform

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Extreme Pizza Chatbot

Extreme Pizza

Order pizza & sandwiches with delivery

Messenger Platform

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Cecilia's Pizza Chatbot

Cecilia's Pizza

Order Pizza with delivery

Messenger Platform

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Tender Cocktails Chatbot

Tender Cocktails

Tender recommends cocktails you'll love

Messenger Platform Android Platform

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Discord Drinks Chatbot

Discord Drinks

We love ice-cream and pizza... But to make it perfect you need a drink from Discord Drinks

Discord Platform

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Foozam Chatbot


A virtual recipe assistant

Messenger Platform

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VeganBurg Chatbot


World's first 100% plant-based burger fast food joint

Messenger Platform

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