My Ledger Chatbot

My Ledger

Double-entry accounting bot

Telegram Platform

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Mypoolin Chatbot


Payments with friends - Split and Settle. Plan and Pay.

Messenger Platform Slack Platform Telegram Platform

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Quarterly Tax Calculator Bot Chatbot

Quarterly Tax Calculator Bot

Freelance? Know how much you should pay in quarterly taxes.

Web Platform

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Currency Converter & Alerts Chatbot

Currency Converter & Alerts

Convert & Set Alerts For Any Currencies.

Messenger Platform

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Mannu Finance Chatbot

Mannu Finance

Your Personal Financial Assistant

Telegram Platform

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Sentinel Chatbot


Know when to buy at the right price on Amazon.

Messenger Platform

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Coupon Hippo Chatbot

Coupon Hippo

Coupon Chatbot that helps you save money when you shop.

Messenger Platform

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Stockflare Chatbot


Get stock prices & valuation data via Facebook Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Trim Chatbot


A personal financial assistant built on AI

Messenger Platform

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Wally Chatbot


Get the most loyalty points from your credit cards anytime, anywhere

Messenger Platform

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Penny Chatbot


A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint

Android Platform iOS Platform

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