German Wage Tax Calculator Chatbot

German Wage Tax Calculator

Estimate a net salary paid by an employer based on your gross salary

Messenger Platform

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Easiest way to manually record your spending

Messenger Platform

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Trump2Cash Chatbot


A stock-trading bot powered by Trump tweets

Twitter Platform

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PayPal Chatbot


Send payments in Slack with PayPal

Slack Platform

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probot Chatbot


Answer all your tax and accounting questions

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OP Return Chatbot

OP Return

Tweets the human readable Bitcoin messages

Twitter Platform

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The Dave Ramsey Show Chatbot

The Dave Ramsey Show

Teaching you to manage and budget your money

Amazon Echo Platform

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Yap─▒ Kredi - Bankac─▒Bot Chatbot

Yap─▒ Kredi - Bankac─▒Bot

Your Facebook friend to guide you for your financial needs

Messenger Platform

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Revealytics Chatbot


Get all SaaS metrics based on your Stripe data instantly

Slack Platform

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TD Ameritrade Chatbot

TD Ameritrade

Get prices, quotes, and market updates from TD Ameritrade

Amazon Echo Platform

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Envoiced Chatbot


Easy way to generate invoices

Slack Platform

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WhereIsMyMoneyBot Chatbot


Money expense tracking bot on Telegram

Telegram Platform

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