Bitcoin Bot Chatbot

Bitcoin Bot

Get Bitcoin price in messenger!

Messenger Platform

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StockPrediction Chatbot


Predict stock prices using Machine Learning

Messenger Platform

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$500K Chatbot


Start your journey to financial fitness

Messenger Platform

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Taxbot Chatbot


Making taxes suck less

Slack Platform

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Eno Chatbot


An intelligent assistant for your Capital One bank account

SMS Platform

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Civbot Chatbot


Credit score lifehacking bot

Messenger Platform

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StockBot Chatbot


Get stock price alerts delivered by a friendly Facebook Messenger Bot.

Messenger Platform

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RatesBTC Chatbot


Answers live bitcoin price at any amount and any currency

Messenger Platform

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Plum Chatbot


Your little savings butler: smart, automatic, 3% interest.

Messenger Platform

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German Wage Tax Calculator Chatbot

German Wage Tax Calculator

Estimate a net salary paid by an employer based on your gross salary

Messenger Platform

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Easiest way to manually record your spending

Messenger Platform

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Trump2Cash Chatbot


A stock-trading bot powered by Trump tweets

Twitter Platform

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