Cryptocurrency Alerting Chatbot

Cryptocurrency Alerting

Get notified when important crypto metrics change.

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3.7K 2 4

Chatex Chatbot


The safest cross-messenger crypto wallet and P2P exchange.

Telegram Platform

2.7K 1 4

Mannu Finance Chatbot

Mannu Finance

Your Personal Financial Assistant

Telegram Platform

3.2K 0 3 Chatbot

Like Venmo, but way better

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6.3K 2 3

Fundraising Bot Chatbot

Fundraising Bot

A quick access to a database of 3150 angel investors

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ICO Watchdog Chatbot

ICO Watchdog

Real-Time Cryptocurrency Alerts for Slack Teams

Slack Platform Messenger Platform

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Blockchain Club Bot Chatbot

Blockchain Club Bot

Everything you need to know about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, in your pocket.

Messenger Platform

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Very Woman Chatbot

Very Woman

Super Bot for Super Women

Telegram Platform  Pro

2.5K 2 3

Coupon Hippo Chatbot

Coupon Hippo

Coupon Chatbot that helps you save money when you shop.

Messenger Platform

2.7K 1 2

Mypoolin Chatbot


Payments with friends - Split and Settle. Plan and Pay.

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Wally Chatbot


Get the most loyalty points from your credit cards anytime, anywhere

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StocksBot Chatbot


Nigerian stock prices in a conversational manner...

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