David Guetta Chatbot

David Guetta

One of the world's most popular DJs

Messenger Platform

41.7K 0 2

Cafe Chatbot


An incremental game that works within Discord!

Discord Platform Web Platform

10.9K 15 3

Daily Deep Fried Memes Chatbot

Daily Deep Fried Memes

The Bopest memes once a day!

Messenger Platform

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Shameless Chatbot


The Most Shameless TV Bot On Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Kpop Chatbot


A stable and fun music bot for Discord

Discord Platform

23.1K 6 4

Check In GIFt Chatbot

Check In GIFt

Send/Receive cash GIFts based on check in location!

Messenger Platform

15.4K 10 2

Airhorn Solutions Chatbot

Airhorn Solutions

Play a slew of sounds including Airhorns and other audio memes.

Discord Platform

32.6K 1 1

The World Cup 2018 Player Recognition Game Chatbot

The World Cup 2018 Player Recognition Game

Do You Know Your Players? ?⚽ Play now!

Messenger Platform

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Record Bird Chatbot

Record Bird

Never miss a music release

Messenger Platform

8.0K 12 11

The Kodaline Bot Chatbot

The Kodaline Bot

The official Facebook Messenger bot for international rock band, Kodaline.

Messenger Platform

33.8K 0 1

Music Bot  Chatbot

Music Bot

Adds Music Selection and Auto Play

Discord Platform

31.3K 1 3

FredBoat ♪♪ Chatbot

FredBoat ♪♪

A free yet powerful open source Discord music

Discord Platform

24.8K 2 5