The Grand Tour Chatbot

The Grand Tour

An Amazon original motoring show with Jeremy Clarkson.

Amazon Echo Platform

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NFL Trivia Chatbot

NFL Trivia

Can you name the winner of Super Bowl XXXV?

Amazon Echo Platform

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MattMusic Chatbot


MattMusic, the great MusicBot and moderation!

Discord Platform

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Calvin and Hobbes Bot Chatbot

Calvin and Hobbes Bot

Receive a daily Calvin and Hobbes comic.

Telegram Platform

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EventsIQ Chatbot


Explore events near you like concerts, festivals, shows, and sports games

Messenger Platform

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ShipTunesBot Chatbot


Share tunes with makers to listen while working.

Telegram Platform

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M8 Bot Chatbot

M8 Bot

Your Discord companion for Twitch & Mixer

Discord Platform

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The Temperature Game Chatbot

The Temperature Game

Test your knowledge by guessing current temperatures in the US and abroad!

Amazon Echo Platform

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Internet Marketing Podcast Chatbot

Internet Marketing Podcast

Plays German "Internet Marketing Podcast" Episodes

Amazon Echo Platform

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The Fake News Game Chatbot

The Fake News Game

Don't believe everything you read in the newspapers (at least if you want to win)!

Amazon Echo Platform

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ICW Chatbot


This bot for music with volume controls for all users and many others commands

Discord Platform

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BountyBot Chatbot


Tweets Pickup lines everyday!

Twitter Platform

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