Online Course Coupons Chatbot

Online Course Coupons

Browse discounted online courses with online course coupons

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Learn English Bot Chatbot

Learn English Bot

Best way to Learning English and easily

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Attraction Marketing Chatbot

Attraction Marketing

Learn how to use internet marketing to recruit reps and generate sales online.

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Feed.Mind Chatbot


The first conversational media on messenger, aimed at young people in France

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Guardium Bot Chatbot

Guardium Bot

Easily get started with the Guardium Token Sale

Telegram Platform

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Startup Wisdom Chatbot

Startup Wisdom

Startup advice delivered daily via Messenger

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English Through Cartoons Chatbot

English Through Cartoons

Finds a word or phrase in cartoons and returns video with that word

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BreachBot Chatbot


Get basic online security tips and learn what steps you can take to safeguard your identity after major breaches like Equifax.

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GetCOO Chatbot


Discover monuments and point of interest by simply sending a photo!

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CX Bot Chatbot

CX Bot

Shares the latest stories and use cases on conversational experiences

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Udemy All Real 100% Free Chatbot

Udemy All Real 100% Free

Free Udemy coupon and discount codes.

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Amazon Storytime Chatbot

Amazon Storytime

A growing collection of professionally narrated short stories

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