Unofficial Wikipedia Bot Chatbot

Unofficial Wikipedia Bot

Search Wikipedia from Facebook Messenger

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Learn Programming Chatbot

Learn Programming

Learn basics of some programming languages.

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Chatty Barry Chatbot

Chatty Barry

Chat with a funny friendly bot and discover more about yourself

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Kipling Chatbot

Kipling For sale

English Lessons, Dictionary, News, and Jokes

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A Cloud Guru Bot Chatbot

A Cloud Guru Bot

Learn the Cloud as a team

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Grapheme Chatbot


Giving lessons to high school students.

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Daily UI Bot Chatbot

Daily UI Bot

Be challenged, motivated, and inspired.

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Learn Korean Chatbot

Learn Korean

Say korean with your kpop star

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Mahata Patnikotha Model High School - MPMHS Chatbot

Mahata Patnikotha Model High School - MPMHS

Multi services for students. Calculator, Notebooks and many more!

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JBarrows Sales Chatbot

JBarrows Sales

B2B Sales Tips and Nuggets

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B2B Leads Chatbot

B2B Leads

Shows you where to get B2B Leads

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Dictionary-Bot Chatbot


Simple bot that takes your word and returns it definition.

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