Jet Chatbot


Information and news in the world of web design, development, and marketing.

Messenger Platform

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Energy Optimism Chatbot

Energy Optimism

Received very beautiful optimism messages

Messenger Platform

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Quranic Messages Bot Chatbot

Quranic Messages Bot

Received very beautiful Quranic messages on Messenger

Messenger Platform

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American Presidents Quiz Chatbot

American Presidents Quiz

Test your knowledge of American Presidents with this fun trivia game

Google Assistant Platform

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VC Valley Chatbot

VC Valley

Venture Capital Simulation Game

Messenger Platform

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Neil Chatbot


Personal Curator AI

Android Platform iOS Platform Google Assistant Platform

5.1K 1 6

A Novel Bot Chatbot

A Novel Bot

DM this Twitter bot a photo of a book's ISBN and it will look it up for you.

Twitter Platform  Pro

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On This Day Chatbot

On This Day

Telling you interesting things that happened on today’s date in the past.

Amazon Echo Platform

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Max the Programmer Chatbot

Max the Programmer

Assist programmers who spend a lot of time on their computers

Google Assistant Platform

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Hoa Sen Bot Chatbot

Hoa Sen Bot

To organize the nurture, care and education of children

Messenger Platform

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Unofficial Wikipedia Bot Chatbot

Unofficial Wikipedia Bot

Search Wikipedia from Facebook Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Learn Programming Chatbot

Learn Programming

Learn basics of some programming languages.

Messenger Platform

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