IFRS Rookies Chatbot

IFRS Rookies

A study resource for tomorrow's accountants

Messenger Platform

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Jubter Chatbot


How to make a Spaceship

Messenger Platform

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Kimchi Chatbot


Your personal podcasts assistant in Facebook Messenger

Messenger Platform

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Magoosh Chatbot


Expand your vocabulary with Magoosh

Amazon Echo Platform

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Epic Reads Chatbot

Epic Reads

Nothing makes a book lover happier than a stellar book recommendation, right?

Kik Platform

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Women's Day Chatbot

Women's Day

Learn about ground-breaking women in history

Amazon Echo Platform

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MemoryzerBot Chatbot


A chatbot who helps you to learn and memorize new languages

Messenger Platform

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Real Deal English Chatbot

Real Deal English

Real Language. No Games

Messenger Platform

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Tinker Bot Chatbot

Tinker Bot

Redefining Education

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AVC Archive Chatbot

AVC Archive

Access all Fred Wilson's posts, subscribe & chat with others

Messenger Platform  Pro

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What's this for plants Chatbot

What's this for plants

Bot to tell you the name of plants from your photo

Messenger Platform

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Black History Facts Chatbot

Black History Facts

Bringing black history facts through relatable voices on Amazon Alexa

Amazon Echo Platform

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