Fire Chatbot


Let your entire team quickly create GitHub issues over email

Email Platform

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BitBucket Chatbot


Free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial

Slack Platform

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Bitium Chatbot


Application and asset management for teams

Slack Platform

2.4K 0 0 Chatbot

Simple and inexpensive website monitoring

Slack Platform

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CX Bot Chatbot

CX Bot

Shares the latest stories and use cases on conversational experiences

Messenger Platform

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Janis Chatbot


An AI-powered analyst for chatbot developers

Slack Platform

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Hello World Chatbot

Hello World

Hello World in different programming languages.

Twitter Platform

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Test Fairy Chatbot

Test Fairy

Helps mobile developers test their apps

Slack Platform

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Doorbell Chatbot


In-app user feedback for free

Slack Platform

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Jenny Starchat Chatbot

Jenny Starchat

An open-source conversational engine for business bots

Web Platform

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New Relic Chatbot

New Relic

Real-time application performance management

Slack Platform

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IsItUP? Chatbot


Verify if your website is up.

Telegram Platform

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