PM Bot Chatbot

PM Bot

PM Bot creates well-structured product stories, fast.

Slack Platform

2.5K 0 2

marbot Chatbot


Forward alerts from AWS to your DevOps team via Slack

Slack Platform

2.1K 0 3

PR. Police Chatbot

PR. Police

A Slack bot that monitors pull-requests waiting for review

Slack Platform

4.9K 0 0

Scrumbot Chatbot


A bot to help manage remote scrum stand-up meetings.

Slack Platform

5.4K 0 0

paste2run Chatbot


Bot which will run your code right in the Slack channel

Slack Platform

4.7K 0 0

Hevo Chatbot


Move all data to your warehouse - any source, any destination, any format

Slack Platform

5.2K 0 0

Hellobot Chatbot


Friendly GitHub bot that welcomes users in issues/prs.

Web Platform

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Developer Newz Chatbot

Developer Newz

Curated articles and news for web designers and developers.

Twitter Platform

3.8K 0 1

Nimrod Chatbot


Send yourself Facebook messages with a POST request

Messenger Platform

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Monkey Test It Chatbot

Monkey Test It

Trigger automated monkey tests of your website

Slack Platform

3.7K 0 0

Crashlytics Chatbot


Mobile crash analytics and reporting

Slack Platform

2.0K 1 0

Abot Chatbot


Build your own digital assistant.

Web Platform

3.8K 0 0