Heek Chatbot


The first conversational website builder

Web Platform

2.6K 0 1

Graphic Design Bot Chatbot

Graphic Design Bot

A friendly bot to help you with simple design tasks

Messenger Platform

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Vinci Chatbot


Transform your photos using of neural networks and artificial intelligence

Telegram Platform

2.7K 0 0

Prisma Bot Chatbot

Prisma Bot

Art filters and photo effects

Telegram Platform

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Cody Bot Chatbot

Cody Bot

Discuss design in a visual way without leaving Slack

Slack Platform

2.2K 0 2

BotSociety Chatbot


The fastest way to create a bot experience preview

Web Platform

2.7K 0 1

SnapBot Chatbot


Order a custom Snapchat Geo-Filter from SnapDesign.io

Messenger Platform

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Lucidchart Chatbot


Slack Platform

2.2K 0 1

The Design Bot Chatbot

The Design Bot

Messenger Platform

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slash.photo Chatbot


Find beautiful free stock photos from Unsplash in Slack

Slack Platform

2.0K 2 0

Ghost Inspector Chatbot

Ghost Inspector

Automated UI testing and monitoring

Slack Platform

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99Designs Tasks Chatbot

99Designs Tasks

Graphic design tasks completed from Slack

Slack Platform

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