GoTo Meeting Chatbot

GoTo Meeting

HD video conferencing for your team

Slack Platform

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MailChimp Chatbot


Online email marketing + contact management

Slack Platform

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Screenhero Chatbot


Collaborative Screen Sharing + Voice Chat

Slack Platform

1.5K 0 0 Chatbot

Video conferences in your browser

Slack Platform

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RSS Chatbot


Subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed URL and receive updates in Slack

Slack Platform

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Google Hangouts Chatbot

Google Hangouts

Bring your conversations to life with free video calls

Slack Platform

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AddThis Share Chatbot

AddThis Share

Easiest way to get your site shared to Slack

Slack Platform

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Lever Chatbot


A modern web app for hiring utilizing design thinking

Slack Platform

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UberConference Chatbot


Bot for creating on demand conferences

Slack Platform

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Awesome Chatbot


Awesome highlights, organizes, & summarizes Slack activity

Slack Platform

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Phonebot Chatbot


Make phone calls from within a Slack channel

Slack Platform

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Nestor Chatbot


Your programmable bot for Slack

Slack Platform

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