Hyphen Chatbot


Clone your employee into chatbots

Messenger Platform SMS Platform

3.2K 0 1

Bot Connector by Recast.AI Chatbot

Bot Connector by Recast.AI

Your one API to connect bots to any channels

Web Platform

2.4K 0 2

Orbit Chatbot


Artificial Intelligence as a service, by Bakken & Bæck

Web Platform

2.7K 0 1

Ozz Chatbot


Make your chat bots smarter

Web Platform

2.4K 0 2

Alexa Skill Kit Chatbot

Alexa Skill Kit

Effortless Alexa Skill development with AWS Lambda

Amazon Echo Platform

2.7K 0 1

JustAsq Chatbot


Supercharge your website with bot-assisted live chat!

Web Platform

2.5K 0 2

Alana.cloud Chatbot


Develop and host chatbots for multiple chat platforms

Web Platform

2.2K 1 0

Lazy.ai Chatbot


Lazy allows you to create awesome chat bots without knowing AI!

Telegram Platform Web Platform

3.8K 0 0

Emoj Chatbot


Add emotional intelligence to your bot

Messenger Platform Skype Platform Web Platform

2.8K 0 1

jumper.ai Chatbot


The future of commerce personified by AI to leverage social media and jump your sales.

Messenger Platform Twitter Platform SMS Platform Web Platform

3.5K 0 1

Skype Web Control Chatbot

Skype Web Control

Embed Skype chat onto any website with only 2 lines of code

Skype Platform Web Platform

3.0K 0 1

Whatsquare Chatbot


A multilingual chatbot framework designed for retailers and brands

Messenger Platform WeChat Platform

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