Zandercraft Bot

A bot that can do pretty much anything. It is mostly useful for playing XHD Hi-Fi music.

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Our custom Discord Bot (called: Zandercraft Bot) is your average chat, productivity, GIFs, and fun bot. However, it also has some really cool unique features! It's main feature is it's ability to play XHD (extra HD), Hi-Fi music. This feature is activated using the +voice command followed by +request {song name}. The Zandercraft Bot is hosted on our high-speed servers up here in Canada. 

4 Reviews of Zandercraft Bot

Zander Zander Mar 6, 2018

WOW! You guys keep doing it! Thanks for helping us to surpass our 100 server goal. Lets make it 200 this time.

Zander Zander Jan 3, 2018

Hey Guys! Thanks for helping me obliterate that goal! If you haven't already, pls add my bot and help us get to 100 servers or 5,000 users! Thanks for everything!

Zander Zander Dec 15, 2017

I have set a goal of reaching 40 discord servers by Christmas! So why don't you guys add my bot to your server and help to crush that goal!

Zander Zander Dec 14, 2017

If you guys are visiting this page, it means a lot to me! Thanks just for being here! What would be even more awesome, would be if you added my bot to your Discord server or spread the word about it. I have set a goal of reaching 40 discord servers by Christmas! Again, thanks for coming here!